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 In the Heart of Glenridding

As the first Lock down eased and more day visitors came to take advantage of the splendour of Ullswater, our thoughts turned to how fewer cars would enhance the already unique nature of Glenridding and what we could do, as individuals, to help make a cleaner better world without fossil fuels.

Ullswater eBikes was created in the hope that it would allow visitors to get off the beaten track and explore the Southern end of Ullswater knowing that they are leaving nothing but their tracks... and using nothing but the carbon neutral, sustainable energy from themselves and the Hydro-electric Scheme.

Your small actions can lead to big differences-relax and enjoy your holiday with the convenience of having your e-bike delivered directly to your accommodation or pick up in Glenridding.


We charge our E-Bike Batteries using a Hydro-electric Scheme situated on a small Beck (Cumbrian for "Stream") on the outskirts of Glenridding. The Scheme was first established in the 1920's and fell into disrepair and has only recently been reinstated. You can be proud to know that you are being motivated by a source of power that is off the grid, totally sustainable and CARBON NEUTRAL.

Hydro electric used to charge batteries
Ullswater e bikes  looking over the lake
Bike shop ,Glenridding Ullswater ebikes.jpeg

Opening Hours

Seven Days a week

    9 am - 5 pm

Contact Us

Need to contact us about something?   Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Tel: 07919 892139

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View of Glenridding ,Ullswater
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